Noh, Diana

Diana Noh

Diana Noh is an interdisciplinary artist with photography, fiber, and installation. Her practice celebrates the reconstruction of distressed photographs of architectural spaces and Nature, exploring themes of trauma embedded in her family relationships and cultural in-betweenness.  Diana has exhibited work in Asia and North America at venues including Hudson Valley MOCA, in Peekskill, NY; Cranbrook […]

Briss, Sami

Sami Briss

Samy Briss was born on May 18, 1930, in Iași, the then Romanian capital of Moldavia, in a Jewish family from the petite bourgeoisie. His father, Sapsi Briss, worked for the Philips company, and his mother Ester Winter ran a small haute couture workshop. During World War II, he suffered from deprivation but paradoxically acknowledged […]

Francisco, René

René Francisco is one of the most important contemporary Cuban artists. He attended the National School of Art and the Higher Institute of Art, graduating in 1987. In 1989 he became a teacher and was very popular due to his unorthodox methods. He has worked extensively for the cause of conceptual art and community development. […]

Padura, Leonardo

Leonardo Padura

A graduate in Hispano-American literature, he is a novelist, essayist, journalist and author of screenplays for the cinema and is one of the great names in world literature. He won the Café Gijón Prize in 1997, the Hammett Prize in 1998 and 1999 as well as the Insular Americas Prize in 2002. He is the […]

Vulcanescu, Mihu

Mihu Vulcanescu

Romanian painter, ceramist, poet, scenographer and director, Mihu Vulcanescu moved to Florence, Italy in 1970 after graduating from the Bucharest Conservatory. Fervent Orthodox Christian, two symbols are always present in his work: the cross (supposed sign of suffering) and the white dove (sign of peace of mind and of the Holy Spirit). Vulcanescu has received […]

Gay García, Enrique

Enrique Gay Garcia

Gay Garcia was a sculptor, painter and printmaker born January 15, 1928 in Santiago de Cuba. He studied painting and sculpture at the National Academy of Fine Arts in San Alejandro between 1950 and 1955, until 1957 at the Polytechnic Institute in Mexico, and in 1963 at the Art Institute of Venice and at the […]

Gabino, Amadeo

Amadeo Gabino

Amadeo Gabino was a Spanish painter, sculptor and engraver. His artistic work seen from constructivist tendencies: geometry and architectural strength. Between 1958 and 1960, Gabino worked in Germany, a period during which he began to move away from a figurative work to develop his characteristic constructivist work. Gabino trained at the San Carlos School of […]

Avila, Gloria

Gloria Avila

Gloria was born in Cartagena, Colombia. She completed university studies in social communication and graphic arts at Javeriana University in Bogota. At the same time, she attended the workshop of Colombian artist David Manzur to study drawing and painting. In 1992, when she settled permanently in Switzerland, Gloria continued her artistic research and illustrated scientific […]